How to write to Misty and Tommy Croslin

Both Misty and Tommy would love to receive your cards and letters.  You can also send them notebook
paper, envelopes, and stamps to write you back.  For the official rules and regulations, and answers to
your questions, please go to the
Florida Department of Corrections web page.

Write to Misty:
    Croslin, Misty, DC# V36472
    Lowell Annex Correctional Institution
    11120 NW Gainesville Rd.
    Ocala, FL  34482-1479

Write to Tommy:
    Croslin, Hank Jr., DC# V35906
    Cross City Work Camp Correctional Institution
    568 N.E. 255th Street
    Cross City, Florida 32628

How to send money to Misty's or Tommy's commissary account

    Go to and sign up for a free account.  All you need is an email account and debit or
    credit card.

    Go to and sign up for an online account or to any MoneyGram location (most
    Wal-Marts) and complete the form for "Pay a Bill"

    Note:  Be sure to write down Misty or Tommy's name and DC# and remember to select "5188 -
    Florida Department of Corrections" when completing the form.
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