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So many of you have been thinking about and praying for Misty, and sending kind wishes
her way.  She tells me every day when we talk how much she appreciates your support.  
Misty will never give up hope and loves to get your cards and letters.  
New:  Florida
prisons FINALLY have email!  Go to and sign up for an account.  You can
send Misty commissary money, email her, and even send her thirty second video

Each of you, who are supporters of Misty, have your life's challenges and struggles, and,
have asked what you can do to help.  Misty doesn't enjoy the same freedoms as do you
and I.  She can't call someone unless they are on her approved phone list, and then, only
after 5 p.m. during the week.  On the weekends, the lines are so long, she sometimes waits
two hours to make a fifteen minute (maximum allowed) call to a friend or family member.  
Between working and going to school, Misty tries to get to the commissary on the weekend
IF they open the yard and IF someone has put money on her books.  Once she gets there,
she has to stand in line at times for over an hour just to buy her favorite snacks or soap or
other hygiene products. Do you enjoy your favorite shampoo or body wash each day?  
Misty gets to buy "real" shampoo and conditioner only twice a year.  Misty looks forward to
getting your cards, letters, photographs, notebook paper, envelopes, and stamps, emails,
and videos.  She especially enjoys getting up early on Saturday or Sunday so she can look
her best to greet visitors on her approved visitation list.  If she wants more than a hotel size
bar of soap, she has to buy it.  If she wants generic shampoo or conditioner, she has to buy
it.  If she wants hygiene products, she has to buy them.  Twice per year, she can order
clothes, such as undergarments, and shampoo and special snacks from a catalog.  This is
not cheap and can cost up to $600 per year.  If Misty is fortunate enough to have a friend
place her order, she can buy shoes and socks to replace those that have holes in them and
are worn out.  She can buy and wear t-shirts in the summer and a sweatshirt in the winter to
sleep in and wear "climate controlled" dorm (fancy name for no heat or air conditioning).    

You see, Misty doesn't enjoy the same freedoms you and I do.  Misty can't do anything to
improve her situation...but you can.  You can send her money through JPay, or at Wal-mart
through MoneyGram "Pay a Bill" to purchase things like hygiene products, coffee, soup,
and things they don't offer in the mess hall.  Before you seal the envelope, Please check
the Florida DOC (see link on the left) website for the rules and regulations on what and
much  you can send of each item, such as envelopes, paper, and stamps.  Everything must
go through the U.S. Mail and not be sent Priority or Express.

Misty in now in her eighth year of being incarcerated
As you may know, Misty didn't commit a violent crime, nor did she sell anything to anyone
which is not sold in pharmacies and prescribed by doctors in every state.  To punish Misty
for a crime she didn't commit, an undercover officer called her repeatedly, lied to her,
harassed her, and pretended to be suffering severe back pain.  Oh, and please don't forget
the informant-snitch, who befriended Misty under the pretense of helping find the precious
little girl who was kidnapped by someone who law enforcement has been unable to locate.  
When police lie to a victim, it's legal, but when victims lie to police, it's called obstruction,
and is a crime.  How about the presiding judge who wanted to make a name for herself?  
She could have and should have sentenced eighteen year old Misty, with no record, to the
six-year youthful offender program.  Instead, she sentenced her to an unbelievable twenty-
five years as a "drug trafficker"! Because of this, Misty has missed out on her teenage and
young adult years, which she can never get back.

Please be a "Justice for Misty" supporter
There are several ways to help:
  • Click on the link in the left Navigation bar to find out how to send Misty or her brother,
    Tommy, a card or letter
  • Go to, or download the app put money in her commissary account or send
    her email, pictures, or a short video.
  • Go to any MoneyGram location (most Wal-Mart stores) and use the "Pay a Bill"
    feature using code 5188 for Florida Department of Corrections.

Misty truly appreciates your kindness, love, and support.  

Thank you very much!

Justice for Misty
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